PE and Sport

Students are encouraged to be physically active and most of our students participate in summer and/or winter sports. We encourage all students to join a sports team. We are lucky to have a part-time Sports Co-ordinator, Leanne Rankin, who can be contacted via email on

Students, parents and coaches are expected to abide to a fair play code of conduct and to treat others with courtesy and respect at all times.

It is important that parents inform the coach if a child is unable to attend a sports practice or game for any reason.

There is a sports blog, which can be accessed via the blog link on the school website. Here you will find the website/facebook links for the various sports- you can find weekly draw, cancellations and additional information at these pages.

We run the following events annually - Junior Athletic Sports at school, Middle and Senior Athletic Sports at the Stadium, Middle and School Swimming Sports at the Aquatic Centre, Junior Cross Country at School, Middle and Senior Cross Country in the Redwoods, Tryathlon for all levels at school and well as some Interhouse competitions such as the Tug of War. All students are encouraged to participate and parents are welcome at these events.