andrew chinn

Our Community

St Mary's Catholic School has strong support from a very supportive Board of Trustees and PTA. The PTA donates a considerable amount of money to the school each year for projects that will benefit the students.

We are very well supported by our Priests and the St Mary's Parish, our parents and the wider Rotorua community.

Our students generally move onto John Paul College and we have a close relationship with John Paul College. Some of our students are altar servers for St Mary's Parish and students undertake sacramental programmes through the Parish.

Our parent community are very supportive and assist us in providing great facilities and opportunities for our students.

Most of our school sports teams are coached and managed by parent volunteers. We would not be able to offer the range of sports we cater for without their support.

We also have a large number of volunteers in our school. Some of these people are retired or parent volunteers who run our HPP and PPP reading programmes. Many individual children benefit from this one on one assistance with reading. Other parents or supporters help out with gardening, in the school library, with class activities or school trips or as volunteer teacher aides.

We do appreciate the generous support provided to our school by a wide range of people.