Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible to the community and the state for the performance of a school.

It has a stewardship role; it must be confident that it is meeting its legislative obligations and serving the best interests of student learning and achievement.

Requirements for the Board of Trustees are outlined on:

The Principal manages the day to day operations of the school.

The Board of Trustees has both elected members and Proprietor's Representatives. The lastest Board of Trustees elections were in 2016 and parents are elected for a three year term. Our current Board of Trustees members are:

David Macmillan (Principal)
Bevan James (Staff Representative)
Dirk Shahlhut (Chairperson)

Edward Judd
Chris Parnell
Rachel Schuster
Bryce Smart
Heidi Symon
Elmer Ersando (Proprietor's representative)
Dirk Stahlhut (Proprietor's representative)