We have a culture of open communication at St Mary’s School. We aim to inform parents of all upcoming events and school projects through our website, class blogs, email and newsletters. School newsletters and notices are printed for students to take home. Generally newsletters are sent home on Wednesdays. They are also available on the website.

Class teachers may also send notices home. These are not generally on the school website, but information may also be put on the Class Blog.

Key Dates

Key events and dates in the school year will be shared in school newsletter which can be viewed on our website or School Apps St Mary's app. There is also a link to our school calendar on both the website and app.


As a staff we are open to discussing any particular concerns or positive feedback you have. If you have any concerns, your first port of call is your child’s teacher. If you still have concerns after talking to your child’s teacher then please talk to the Team Leader. If you feel that your concerns are still not being adequately addressed then please put them in writing to the Principal.