Newsletter No 10, 11 April 2018.

Kia Ora,

Term 1 has come to an end and the term has been a little unusual with the Easter holiday being part of the term. Next year Easter will be part of the Autumn Holidays again.

I hope you enjoy some great quality time with your children over the holidays and fingers crossed the weather is fine.

The Holiday Reading Logs for these holidays have been sent home this week. It is important to either read to your child or have your child read over the holidays. You would be surprised what a difference it makes when your child continues to read during this time. We encourage you and your children to fill in the logs over the holidays. Children can return their logs to their classroom teachers by Friday 4 May.

During the holidays we celebrate ANZAC Day (April 25th). I am hoping to have a strong representation from our school attending the parade. If your child would like to join us and walk in the parade and participate in the Civic Ceremony please make sure they are at the Lakefront Memorial (intersection of Fenton St and Whakaue Streets) by 8.40am in their winter school uniform, school jersey, not fleece top. The ceremony should be over by 11.00am. Parents are also invited to be part of the parade and service. If you have a poppy your child can wear, please pin it on them. I will have some spare ones to give to children at the parade. This is a very special ceremony so I do encourage our children to be part of this. A letter went home to senior children today, but again I emphasise, all children are invited to be part of this.

At the start of Term 2, children must be in winter uniform. Uniforms can be bought from our uniform shop. The shop is open today (Wednesday) at 2.30pm, Friday at 8.30am and on Monday, the first day back in Term 2, at 8.30pm. I want to make sure our students are wearing the correct uniform in Term 2, so I will contact you if your child is not in the correct winter uniform. At this point I would also like to mention that our Lost Property box (situated outside Room 6) is overflowing with items left around the school yard by students - maybe worth a visit before the term ends!

Kakano and Manuka teams have parent interviews today and tomorrow after school. It is important that you meet with your child’s teacher and it is also important that your child comes to the interview with you.
Year 3 to 6 children have their student led conferences in the second week of next term (Wednesday 9 May). Details will be in the newsletter next term.

Advance notice: OPEN NIGHT AT JPC – THURSDAY 17th MAY at 4.00pm Please put this date in your diary if you or someone you know is considering enrolling a child at JPC next year. JPC send enrolment packs to St Mary’s School and we will distribute these to our Year 6 students this week. You do not need to download the forms off the JPC website. Please return the enrolment forms to St Mary’s not JPC. We hand over the enrolment forms when you and your child have an interview with the principal Mr Patrick Walsh.

Thanks to Henk Gruepink from Orange Swimming School for offering free swimming lessons, before school, for children in the Kahikitea team who have needed a little more support with their swimming. Thanks Henk.

It was an exciting night down at the Flippa ball finals yesterday. Our two senior teams played each other in the Division 1 finals and St Mary’s Jaguars were the victors against our Cheetahs. Our St Mary’s Tigers made it into the Junior finals and were placed runners up. A great little team. St Mary’s Lions also played in a semi-final and played very well. Thanks to all our coaches: Jennifer Anastasi, Natalie Hampson, Kate Keaney and Maree Judd. You do a fantastic job.

Last week I forgot to mention that three of our students were in the Rotorua Junior Master Chef competition: Maiah Ngawhika, Teuila Schuster and Emma McCowatt. They all performed very well and Maiah and Teuila were the youngest contestants in the competition. Well done girls. A number of the older contestants were former students from St Mary’s.

David Macmillan, Principal.

Notice for Parents of Year 1 and 2 students:

Three Way Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences are today Wed 11 April and Thursday 12 April for our Year 1 and Year 2 classes. To book an interview time please go to:

Code to use is pztsy
Wednesday - bookings can be made from 3.10 to 5.20
Thursday - bookings can be made from 3.10 to 5.10

PLEASE NOTE : St Mary's School no longer has a fax.

PLEASE NOTE: The lost property box is situate near Rooms 12 and 13. Any items not claimed this week will be given to charity.

Our condolences to the Robb family (Luca Rm 7) whose grandmother died last week in the Hawkes Bay.
Condolences also to the family of Rebecca Sowerby (Rm 3)who lost their grandmother this week.
Our prayers and sympathy are with you and your families.

School lunches are available from Pita Pit, Rotorua on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Lunches need to be ordered online via Children need to come to the School Office at lunchtime to collect their ordered lunch.

School lunches are available from Pita Pit, Rotorua on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Lunches need to be ordered online via Children need to come to the School Office at lunchtime to collect their ordered lunch.

On Fridays the children are able to buy a sausage and a juicie. This is an initiative of the PTA. Children place their orders with their own class teacher and orders are delivered to their class at lunchtime.
Sausages $1.50 - Juicies $1.50


Our juniors hold the Annunciation Liturgy on Thursday at 10:00am in the hall. The Annunciation was the announcement by the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. It also remind us to say ‘yes’ to God’s call of us. Those students preparing for Sacraments are well into their study and preparation of this. We recognise this is a big step in their faith journey and one that needs to be nourished as the child grows. We continue to pray for all these students and that they keep wanting to know more and learn more about their faith. It has been a very busy term of learning in all areas and especially RE. The staff do an amazing job at keeping RE relevant to scripture and our values here at St Mary’s. As this term draws to a close, I wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday.

some more resurrec tion.JPG

Programme for children who are not baptised.
The Parish invites children who are 8 years old, as of 1 March 2018, to do a programme in preparation for Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Reconciliation. If your child/family is interested please email your details to Fr Eamon,, or call the Parish Secretary 07 3480289 ext 2. You will also need to meet with Fr Eamon for an interview, which will be organised for the month of April.

Interested in becoming a Catholic?
You are invited to come and learn about the Catholic Faith. This will run weekly on Tuesday nights commencing Tuesday 1st May 2018 for four weeks until 22nd May, 7.00 pm at St. Mary's, corner of Seddon and Ranolf Street. For further enquiries, please email Fr. Eamon Kennedy at

Winter Uniform Expectations

The A-Z Guide on our school website clearly outlines the Winter Uniform requirements, which are included here for your convenience:

Boys - Grey woollen shorts, royal blue skivvy and grey knee high socks with black leather lace up school shoes.

Girls - Blue and red tunic, royal blue skivvy, navy blue knee high socks or navy blue tights with black leather lace up school shoes, or Mary Jane type shoes with a strap across the top of the foot.

In winter students may also wear a school polar fleece in addition to their school jersey, when they come to school or are playing outside. The polar fleece is an optional and additional item and is not to be used instead of a school jersey. Polar fleeces should not be worn in the classroom or at Assembly, Masses or Liturgies.

The only jewellery items allowed are a watch and one stud per ear if the student has pierced ears.

Students with hair that is shoulder length or longer need to have it tied back. Blue and red hair ties are acceptable. Hairstyles must be simple and of natural colour.

Hannah's Shoe Shop has a catalogue with a tick beside any makes/models of shoes that we allow at school.


Payment for extra curricular activities:

If you are paying sports or different event fees on-line or paying from your established A/P plan- could you please mark on your registration form that this is how the fee is being paid - as this will save time for office staff, as well as having to return the forms home again for clarification.
With thanks, Accounts Administrator.

General meeting - Disability Sector:

Hear about upcoming changes to funding in the disabilities sector, how it might affect you, and have your questions answered.

St Chads, 2 Devon Street, Wed 18 April 10.30-11.30am

$5 morning tea. To book please contact June: or 347 8515

School Absences:
If your child is away from school for any reason, please notify our office staff using one of these options :
Phone 3481 701
Link to website:
See quicklink on website (top of page) on website

Change of Address/Contact Phone numbers:
We always appreciate notification if your personal contact details have changed. Please notify the office or email :
The school newsletter is available on Wednesday afternoons. A hard copy is always available from front reception if required - otherwise you will be emailed a copy.

Head Lice & Nit Solutions for your family 'Special' :
$30 for a single treatment - 1 shampoo and 1 combing. Bookings are essential. Phone 021 813 993 or - facebook kaorengakutu

Sports News

St Mary's App - Download Now

Kia Ora Parents, if you don't have the School App please make sure you download this so you do not miss out on sports updates. With winter sports coming up and the rain that is expected over winter months it pays to know when there are cancellations. Please ensure your click (under settings) the sports your children are participating in. Winter Sports are Football, Netball, Miniball and Hockey.


Woohoo our flippaball teams did well again. Winner's seniors division 1 were the SM Jaguars, Runners up SM Cheetahs. The SM Lions played in the semi's and had a great game. Our Juniors came runner's up as well. Well done to all our teams and our AWESOME coaches who put the time and effort into making our kids superstars.

Touch Rugby

Touch is over for Term 1, however will start back up in Term 4.


Cricket is over until Term 4.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports notices have closed now. Most teams are full, but I have a few openings. If you would like to complete a form I can waitlist your child and if we have enough to create another team then I will make a team up.

  1. The notice and registrations are available to see on the school website so if you did not receive your copy you can view it online. Click here to view

Links are avaliable to click on the St Mary's Website. This will make it easier to register your child for either Netball or Football.

If your child is playing Hockey, please ensure that they have Shin Pads and St Mary sports sock to hold shin pads in place. Also a hockey stick (belly high) and a mouthguard. Uniform shirts will be handed out in the beginning of Term 2. They will wear a Hockey Shirt that I will supply from the office and their PE maroon Shorts.

If your child is playing Football again they will require our school PE Maroon shorts, SM sports socks and a Football Top that I will hand out in the beginning of term 2.

Miniball Top are the same as our Touch tops, so if your child played touch this term, hold on to your singlet. If not please return ASAP so our miniball kids have shirts to play in.

Netball uniforms will be handed out beginning of term 2.


Tuesday & Thursday Lunchtime in the school hall

CBOP Swimming Sports

Last week's central bay of plenty swimming results are in. The following students placed in the races below:

Girls 10yrs 100m Freestyle
Kaia Joyce 1st
Madeleine Keaney 3rd

Girls 9ys 50m Backstroke
Neela Stephens 3rd

Boys 9yrs 50m Backstroke
Ariel Muchirahondo - 1st
Dylan Fox - 3rd

Girls 10yrs 50 Backstroke
Madeleine Keaney - 1st

Girls 8yrs NOVICE 25m Breaststroke
Kelsey Henderson - 1st

Boys 10yrs NOVICE 25m Breaststroke
Liam Nicholson - 3rd

Girls 8yrs 50m Freestyle
Neela Stephens - 3rd

Boys 9 50m Freestyle
Ariel Muchirahondo - 1st
George Terry - 3rd

Girls 10 50m Freestyle
Kaia Joyce - 1st
Madeleine Keaney - 2nd

Girls 8yrs 50m Breaststroke
Cailie MacDonald - 2nd

Boys 9 50m Breaststroke
Ariel Muchirahondo - 1st
George Terry - 2nd

Girls 10 50m Breaststroke
Kaia Joyce
Madeleine Joyce

Boys 9rs 100m IM
Ariel Muchirahondo - 1st
George Terry - 3rd

Girls 10 100m IM
Kaia Joyce - 1st

This year's team were: Bryll Baguio, Abbie Brown, Jaime Davies, Dylan Fox, Rosa Hingston, Samuel James, Kaia Joyce, DJ Katipa, Madeleine Keaney, Kelsey Henderson, Cailie MacDonald, Emma McCowatt, Ariel Muchirahondo, Liam Nicholson, Kaitlin (Tinky) Pola, Joseph Ronayne, Emily Russell, Luke Russell, Neela Stephens, Don Telfer, Lola Telfer, Kymani Waititi, Hiwa Warbrick, and Nevan Winmill.

St Mary's Ski Team

Simon Nicholson and Fee Teat are putting together a Ski Team (6) to represent St Marys at the NIPS - North Island Primary School ski champs that take place on the Monday 27th-30th August. We would love to hear from families whose children that have the ability of riding a T-Bar and beyond.

Please contact Fee Teat 0212405334 direct should you been keen to join our Ski Team.

School Holiday Programmes

For a list of programmes available over the holidays, please click here

Parents there are quite a few options here so check it out.

A Special Mention

IMG 1234.JPG
IMG 1235.JPG

To our flippaball teams and our CBOP swimming place getters. Well done to all our St Marys students who have participated in sports this term.

IMG 20180410 170625 resized 20180411 125016640
IMG 1232.JPG
IMG 1236.JPG
marathon book fair.JPG

Paid Homestay Families Wanted for Short and Long Term Visits
The International Student Department at Western Heights High School needs more homestay families for their international students.
We have requests for all homestay experiences, from living in the city, to living on farms and lifestyle blocks. If you have a spare room and would enjoy the opportunity to meet lovely students from all parts of the world we would love to hear from you.
Please contact: Jackie Mitchell - 348 5940 Ext: 792 or email me at:

Check out the Rotorua Public Library holiday programme :

Term 1: 7 February to 13 April
Term 2: 30 April to 6 July
Term 3: 23 July to 28 September
Term 4: 15 October to 19 December
Teacher Only days : 2 February, 5 February