27 March

Well, the last three days have been challenging for us all. We certainly appreciate the efforts of everyone, in a variety of circumstances, trying to do their best to support our students with their learning. These are challenging and uncertain times.

Thanks to everyone who filled in our survey. Most families have completed this - just a few to go!
Survey re student access to a device and the internet for learning.

The School Holidays have now begun. Term 2 will start on Wednesday 15 April. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of:

The Google accounts for Y3-6 students are still active but, as usual, are to be used for learning purposes only. We have inactivated the Google Chat, Google Hangout and Google Hangout and Meet and You Tube apps for students for the duration of the holiday period.

We have been informed of the following:
"Please be advised most of the major telcos have now removed data caps and the possibility of any extra charges based on usage.

Please see the links to those major companies below if your staff or students working from home need further support with this.

SPARK - https:
“Removing overage charges for customers who are on data-capped broadband plans, so they won’t have to worry about paying extra to stay connected. This applies to both small and medium business and consumer customers;”

VODAFONE - https://news.vodafone.co.nz/covid-19-care
“The removal of data caps from data-capped Broadband plans for consumers and small to medium sized businesses until at least the end of June 2020”

VOCUS/SLINGSHOT - https://help.slingshot.co.nz/hc/en-us/articles/900000386943-Our-action-against-COVID-19?_ga=2.224375707.1878754814.1585097493-87562686.1585097493
“We removed all the data caps from our plans to better enable you to work from home during this time of social distancing and self-isolation.”

2DEGREES - https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/help-and-support/mobile/your-account/covid-19/
“Any customer who was on a limited data plan on or before Friday, March 20 will now receive unlimited data through until June 2020.

TRUSTPOWER - has now also advised they have removed their data caps and the possibility of any extra charges based on usage - Ask.Trustpower.co.nz
– “we've removed data limits for all fixed-line broadband customers to make sure everyone can stay connected. You'll be able to keep in touch with family and friends, work or study from home, and receive vital updates without having to worry about exceeding your data limit”.//

We strongly recommend students have very limited time on a device each day of the holidays. If your child is looking for some activity ideas encourage them to play outside, do some exercise and to get involved in lots of play, make and create. You will find lots of ideas online.

A few ideas to start you off are:

1. Play, make and create - check out the challenges on 50 Amazing Lego/Duplo Play Ideas

2. Challenge your child to complete at least 8 progressions in MathsWhizz over the School Holiday period.

3. Participate in the Holiday Reading Programme

4. If you are desperate for something else online check out the following link

But most importantly, take care of yourself and each other. Be kind, be caring, be flexible, be safe and keep well.

We look forward to catching up again on Wednesday 15 April.

24 March

Tomorrow our Learning from Home programme begins. This will run for 3 days this week, then we will have School Holidays. Term 2 starts on Wednesday 15 April. Please check the class blogs for an update of what will be happening. The following outlines our protocols for our Learning from Home programme. Please read this.


We would also like everyone to please complete the following form by 5pm Wednesday 25 March, if possible.

Survey re student access to a device and the internet for learning.

If you haven't yet received your child's learning resource pack we will try and get it to you tomorrow. If there is anything you need, let us know asap. Staff will be at school tomorrow - but then working off-site and not allowed to return to the school.

23 March 7.00pm

Kia ora koutou

With today’s announcement by the Government, we are implementing with urgency our plan to support your child’s learning from home. An email was sent to you today outlining how we are going to do this. We appreciate this is a sudden and significant change, and will be heavily disruptive to many people in our community.

For children of essential workers (roles include doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, police and others as outlined on COVID-19 website), we look forward to seeing your child at school tomorrow morning at 8.45am. Children should meet in the School Library. We continue to ask that children who are not well, do not attend school.

For all other children, we will be supporting their learning from your home in the following ways:
1) Through an online learning programme, commencing on Wednesday 25 March. An email was sent to you today explaining how we will communicate with you and your child.
2) Provision of a learning pack that was sent home today. If your child doesn’t yet have their pack you can please pick up a pack from the school office tomorrow (8.30am to 5.00pm)
3) Your child’s teacher will be in touch with you on how you can communicate with them.

If you need to have your child cared for by someone else you will need to identify that person or people as part of your self-isolated group. This will need to be done by midnight Wednesday and the group must remain the same for the whole 4 week period. The caregiver’s own group (eg, their partner and children), your child and your own group (eg, your parents and other children) become one group. This group needs to be limited to minimise any risk of spread and should be no more than 20 people.

Your child will be looking to you for guidance about this decision. Parents, caregivers, whānau and teachers will have a particularly important part to play in reassuring children at this time. If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to read the information put together by the Ministry of Education to support your conversations with your children Talking to children about COVID-19

As noted by the Prime Minister these restrictions are our best chance to slow the virus in New Zealand and to save lives. We all have a clear role here to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue to communicate with you over the coming days. Thank you for your ongoing support of our school staff and school community.

Ngā mihi

David Macmillan

PS. Further information can be found on the Ministry of Health link