Rip, Grip & Whip 2023

DATE: Tuesday 9th May 2023 (No postponement)
TIME: 8.30am School check in opens, first race at 9.30am.
VENUE: Waipa MTB Car Park, Whakarewarewa Forest
COST: $5 per student (schools will be invoiced after the event)
WHO: Year 4 - 8 Boys and girls

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be providing a teacher support for this event. If you enter your child you will be responsible for them the whole time. You can not drop off and leave them.

Course 1: A Taster of Mountain Biking.
3KM, for those never been MT biking; not very confident on a bike.
Course 2: Let Me Fly
6KM, for those who can ride, like to go over humps and bumps, grade 1-2.
Course 3: Legend Status
10km, for competent, regular riders, technical sections, Grade 3-4. NB if you are entering
this course, we strongly advise that students have practiced this course with caregivers
prior to event.

Interschool Mixed Relay:
3 x person team; 1 lap broken into 3 sections. Expect this to be fast!!
Relay teams must have at least one of each gender. Relay will be separated by Years – so 5
categories (Year 4; Year 5; Year 6; Year 7; Year 8)
(If there are not enough riders for a year group, they can enter the group of the oldest rider.
You can go up in year group but cannot go down.
E.g.: If you have 2 x Year 5s you can grab a Year 4 to join them the team will ride in Year 5.
If you have 2 x Year 5s and you grab a Year 6, the team will ride Year 6)

Race Start times:
8.30am School check in opens – collect number plates and cable ties from HQ
8.45 am Volunteer briefing and despatch
9.00 am School managers briefing – rules and expectations.
9.15am Karakia and Race Briefing
9.30am approx. Legend Status start
10.30am approx. A Taster of MT Biking warm up & skills session
10.45am approx. A Taster of MT Biking start led by Jeremy from Sport BOP
11.15am approx. Let Me Fly start
12.15noon Lunch break/Buffer.
12.30pm Relay teams assemble, briefing, 2nd and 3rd riders head out. Intermediates ride first.
12.45pm Relay start
1.45 pm Prize giving for Course 3, Relays, Manaakitanga Award
2.00pm Pack down.

Please note start times may alter dependent on time it takes for previous races, registered numbers and weather conditions. All competitors should be ready to start from 9.30am onwards. Children will be given a 10minute call, before each race is to start.

Terms of Participation:
● All Bikes must be Fit-For-Purpose and in good working condition.
● All bikes must have a working front and rear brake. (No BMX Bikes)
● By New Zealand law, all riders must have an Aus / NZ approved helmet on at all times when riding a bike, with
the chin strap done up. No helmet, no riding.
● Elbow and Knee protection are optional.
● Closed toe shoes are required. No singlet tops are permitted. Tops must have short sleeves with shoulders
covered as a minimum.
● There is no practice allowed directly prior to this event on the day.
● Participation is strongly encouraged for this event and podium places awarded for Course 3 male and female.
● It is the rider’s responsibility to be at the Start in time for their ride.
● There will be NO protests heard for this event.
● Schools are responsible for their own rubbish and must remove all rubbish at the conclusion of the event.
● 50% refund of entry fee if event cancelled due to weather.

Safety & First Aid:
The First Response Unit will be available throughout the day for any medical issues however schools are required to bring their own first aid kit too. Any medical events must be reported to HQ.
We encourage all caregivers to take their children's bikes and helmets into be checked over prior to the event, to ensure they are in suitable condition. For health and safety reasons any athletes with bikes that do not meet minimum safety standards will not be permitted on the course. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that their child's bikes are operable and safe to use. If in doubt, please get your bike checked in the week leading up to the race.

Sun / Rain / Hydration / Lunch:
Schools are welcome to bring gazebos to set up. Bring plenty of water, sun block and a jacket.
The Trails Kitchen car will be open to purchase drinks and food items.

Prize giving:
Prize giving will be held at the conclusion of the event once all participants have completed the course.
Placing certificates will be given to those who come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Course 3 categories divided by gender.
Interschool relay trophy’s will be awarded for each Year category.

Motion Entertainment is generously providing entertainment for the day and again kindly sponsoring the Sportsperson award.

See below course information: