Preparing for School


An enrolment pack is available from the School Office. To apply for enrolment, please follow this process...

What to expect?

Starting school is an important milestone in the life of a child. It is a time of change and adjustment both on the part of the child and of his/her parents.
Once your child’s enrolment is confirmed, you will be advised when they can start pre-school class, which is usually held on a Friday morning.

We recommend students attend the pre-school class for four weeks immediately prior to starting at school. These classes will help you and your child see what happens at school and makes the initial adjustment easier. All children stay until 3.00pm from the day they start school.


a) Up to 23 children with non-preference status may be on the school roll at any time.

b) Parents are able to place their child's name on a waiting list. Children will be offered placement as vacancies occur in accordance with the following guidelines;

1) siblings of existing non-preference students

2) students living within the agreed catchment area

3) children of staff members

4) students living outside the schools agreed catchment area.

The date names are placed on the waiting list will define the priority within each of the above criteria.

Before School

We strongly encourage children to arrive at school about 8.30am to prepare for the day. This gives them time to get organised for the day, catch up with their classmates and be ready for our 8.45am start. Classrooms are open from 8.30am.

At the beginning of the day children are expected to put their book bag in the container, hang up their school bag and put down their chair. A little guidance may be needed during the first few weeks but this is something the teachers would like the students to do independently.

After School

Please wait outside your child’s classroom, as this is a very busy time of the day. After the 3.00pm bell you are welcome to come in and have a look around.

After school, children must leave the school grounds by 3.15pm unless they are attending a supervised sports practice. Children left waiting for parents after 3.15pm have to come and sit on the office steps. Teachers are unable to provide supervision for your child after 3.15pm as they have meetings to attend etc.


It is always congested around a school at the start and end of the school day. There are three gates to the school. There is parking available in the Church Carpark on Seddon Street, on the road in Ranolf Street and on the road in Carnot Street. The staff carpark is not available for parent parking. Please be considerate of others and take extra care when arriving and leaving the school.


At St Mary’s all students are expected to wear the school uniform with pride. We currently have a Uniform Shop at school, located in the Hall Foyer and run by volunteer parents, open on a Monday and Friday from 8.30 - 9am and a Wednesday from 2.30 - 3pm. The Warehouse stocks most of our school uniform items and has a display stand dedicated to St Mary’s school uniform. The girls summer dresses are currently only available from our school uniform shop. See the A-Z Guide-Uniforms on the website for further information.

School Fees

Students attending St Mary’s are required to pay fees to the Diocese. We have opted into the scheme where the Government pays us a fee to cover most expenses at school. There are some things that still incur a fee eg sports fees and camp fees.


Student attendance is directly linked to student progress and success in learning. We monitor student’s attendance closely. It is important that students arrive at school on time and attend every day.

Please contact the school if your child is going to be absent. You can telephone the office at any time and leave a message detailing the reason for your child’s absence. There is also a link on the school website for notification or absences.

Please notify the school every day your child is away. If your child is going to be absent for any reason other than illness, please inform the school in advance, where possible, of the dates they will be away.

Year Level

Please note that new entrant children who start school before the 1st of April are classified as Year 1 students for that year. Children who begin after this date are classified as Year 0.


All payments for the school should handed to the office in a marked envelope with the students name, classroom, parent and detail of what it is for. Students should not bring additional money or any valuables to school.


Assemblies are seen as a valuable opportunity to bring the whole school community together in order to celebrate, share and to activate learning. Assemblies are held on Friday afternoons at 2.05pm, except on days when we have a Mass or Liturgy. Each week a different class runs the Assembly. Parents are welcome to join us at Assemblies.

Accidents/ Illness at School

In the event of an accident your child will be administered basic first aid. If medical assistance is required or your child is unwell you will be contacted and asked to collect your child. An ambulance will be called in an emergency and parents will be advised as soon as practicable.

School Hours

8.30 Students able to enter classrooms
3.00 School day finishes
3.15 Students need to have left school grounds
unless supervised by an adult.

Contacting Us

You can make contact with us in many ways:
Phone: 07 3481701
Street Address: 37 Carnot Street, Rotorua 3010
Postal Address: PO Box 1213, Rotorua 3040

Staff email addresses are listed on our school website.