The following links provides some information about eligibility for school bus routes.


Some of our students who live in the Lakes area, Owhata Lynmore and south of Rotorua are eligible to catch a school bus. Please check with Ritchies to see if your child is eligible to catch the bus. Contact details are:
Email: breta@ritchies.co.nz
Breta ph 07 3455694

If your child is eligible, and you wish to make use of the school bus, you need to speak to staff in the School Office about completing a bus form. Only once this form is completed can your child travel on the bus
- as we add the student name to our school bus list.

It is also very important that the parent speaks to Ritches and the bus driver BEFORE their child first travels on the bus. We need to ensure that parents and children are clear what number bus the child should travel on, what the route is, where and approximately when the child will get on and off the bus.

A high standard of behaviour is expected on the bus. Failure to meet this expectation can result in a child no longer being able to travel on the bus.

The bell goes at 2.50 for bus students. Bus students need to move quickly to the Ranolf Street entrance where a staff member checks students onto the bus. The bus duty teacher does not have time to send for any students who have not turned up for the bus. The bus is on a very tight schedule and the feeder bus needs to get from St Mary's to JPC so it doesn't hold up other buses.