Newsletter No 12 13 May 2020

Kia Ora everyone,

School starts on Monday 18th May. We are excited to see everyone and look forward to getting back into school life under Alert Level 2. Our Minister of Education has spoken about the move to Level 2 and what it means for education. The main message at Level 3 was keep your kids at home unless you have good reason to send them to school. At Level 2 that message reverses - send your kids to school unless you have good reason to keep them home. So the message is clear: Send your kids back to school.

First of all I want to thank you as co-teachers during the seven weeks your child has been in the lockdown. Teachers and support staff have done an outstanding job providing fantastic learning experiences for your child but it wouldn’t have been successful without your help. To me it really illustrates that it is important that parents and teachers work together in educating children.

We are ready for the start on Monday and have set up sanitiser stations in each classroom along with soap dispensers and paper towels. Staff will be ensuring that door handles, hard surfaces and class equipment will be sanitised periodically through the day.

We do ask that if your child is unwell that you do not send them to school. It is important that your child has totally recovered before they are sent back to school. It is expected that a child would be away for at least 48 hours if they have been unwell.

What will school look like under Alert Level 2?

Start of the day

NB everyone to sanitize their hands at the gate sanitiser stations.

The school gates will be opened at 0830 and all gates will be accessible until 9am.

0830-0845 Arrival time for Totara Team (Room 1-5) and Kahikatea Team (Rooms 12,14-17)

0845-0900 Arrival time for students in Kakano, siblings of students in Kakano and students from Before School Care.

When students arrive at school they are to go to their classroom immediately.

We encourage parents to drop their child at the gate and not enter the school grounds unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Parents are advised they must not enter any classrooms please.

Any students who come to school after 9am will need to come in via the Carnot Street entrance and be accompanied by an adult when they report to the School Office.

End of the Day:
2.30 -2.45pm Pick up time for students in Kakano, siblings of students in Kakano and students going to After school Care

3.00pm - 3.15 pm Pick up time for Totara Team (Rooms 1-5) and Kahikatea Team (Rooms 12,14-17)
Please note all gates, except Carnot Street, will be locked at 1515.

Parents may come onsite in the afternoon to collect their child from outside their classroom, provided parent details are entered into using our location code of 080045. Please remember this is not a time to socialise and you need to maintain social distancing.

Playgrounds: At level 2 we are allowed to have our school playgrounds open.

Contract Tracing:

Contact Tracing required at Level 2 for anyone who enters school grounds

We have registered our school location for contact tracing via Our location code is 080045.

If our school receives a request from our District Health Board or the Ministry of Health for contact tracing data the contact tracing site will be ued for follow up. Please note that personal information provided can only be accessed by health authorities for the purpose of contact tracing and the data is completely deleted after 60 days.

We will have posters at the gate which give you a QR code you can scan ( if you have a QR code app on your phone) or you can go directly to the website The first time you go onto this site you will need to add in your details. Make sure you tick the box to remember your details for subsequent visits AND make sure you press submit. Maybe have a trial run while you are at home tonight. Subsequent visits to this site are then very quick - enter our location code 080045, check the details then make sure you submit. You will receive a message to confirm your information has been submitted. We will send out an notification via our school app with the location code, to help you if you forget it.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.24.16 PM

If for some reason you can’t access this site we will need to take your photo if you need to come onto the school grounds at dropoff/pickup times. Any photo taken will only be used for the sole purpose of contact tracing, if required, and will be deleted from the Contact Tracing folder at the end of the school term.

Children are to bring:
Water bottle
Their chromebook if your child is in Kahikatea or Totara team

What to wear:
School uniforms or mufti can be worn for the first week.

Parents wanting to visit our Uniform Shop to purchase uniform items can now make a booking for a 10 minute appointment time on Thursday 14 May, Friday 15 May or Wednesday 20 May, between 9am and 3pm.
To book an appointment slot go to and use the event code 9znxv
or go to this link

Our school uniform shop will also be open on Friday 22nd May 8.30-9.00am - no appointments necessary.

Please return chromebooks and chargers loaned to students and families:
We need to have any school devices that were loaned to Y3-6 students or Y1-2 families over the lockdown returned on Monday, please. Y3-6 students should return devices to their class teacher and Y1-2 families please get an adult to return the device and charger to the school office.

After School Care: This will be operating from Monday 18 May. Maryanne will meet the children at 2.30pm and take the children over to Glenholme School. If you need before or after-school care contact Maryanne Roling 0211215599

Pita Pit: Orders may be placed from Tuesday 19 May

Sausage Sizzle and Juicies. Starts Friday 22 May

Winter Sports: (Miniball, football, netball and hockey)
We are still waiting on communication from each sport code on when sport will start. We will let you know as soon as we know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. There is a lot to read and take in.

We are looking forward to welcoming your child on Monday.

Kind regards


Kia tau te rangimārie kia koutou – Peace be with you.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.03.56 AM

2020 World Day of Prayer -
Last Thursday was World Day of Prayer : A day that we remember all those in hardship. Our school focuses on the children in the world living in poverty and distress. For many children access to food, water, homes and education and health care isn’t a reality. Each year we highlight their plight with a school Liturgy. We also invited students to dress in their national costume or colours that represent their heritage. This is to celebrate all cultures and to emphasise to our students how diverse our community is, and that we care and pray for the less fortunate children in our world. You can see the photos on our school facebook page.

Room 4 shared their prayers for the day:

Dear God,
Please help all the kids that are scared about covid 19 and please let them be safe. Amen

Dear Lord,
May you guide the ones who have gone astray and may you always be with them, especially the children and people who need you the most right now. We pray that Covid 19 would stop and thank you for helping us through this tough time. Amen.

Dear God,
Help all the kids who are sick and help children who are less fortunate than us. Help those who can't get food during this tough time of Covid 19. Amen.

Dear God,
Please protect the children that don't get looked after survive Covid 19.

Dear God,
Please help all of the children that have no food, shelter, and no way of fighting Covid 19.

Dear Jesus,
Please help those who are sick and please support those who are working to find a vaccine to stop the spread of Covid 19.

Dear Lord,
Please help those in need and protect them from Covid 19.

Dear God,
I pray for those in need and all the children with Covid 19. I hope they get better. Amen.

Dear Lord,
I pray for all the children in the world affected by this Covid 19 pandemic that they may be healed. Amen.

Keep safe, don’t worry and be patient.
Bernie Hall-DRS