Chromebook Information for Parents August 2020

We usually provide this information in November each year, at the same time as we run a Parent Information Meeting for the parents of children going into Year 3 next year. At the meeting we usually explain what a Chromebook is, why we encourage all our Year 3-6 students to have their own Chromebook to bring to school, and how we use the Chromebook as a tool to support student learning.

We want to encourage our Year 2 parents to think about purchasing a Chromebook now, (for their child to use next year) if they are able to do so. This is because we are aware that this year there may be some challenges for both suppliers and parents wanting to access Chromebooks. Covid-19 has resulted in a huge demand throughout the world for these devices. Chromebooks were originally designed specifically to meet the needs of the education market.

We have contacted our main suppliers and we are aware a number of them have some models of Chromebooks due in over the next few weeks/month. The suppliers have provided details of the deals that they can offer St Mary's parents. Hopefully, it will be of assistance to you to see the different models and prices available.

Our students only need to have a basic Chromebook. Any brand and model is fine, as long as it is a Chromebook. Students will also need a set of basic headphones. We have some headphones for sale at the School Office for $6.50. A named carry case or bag is also recommended.

General Information - Advice and Suggestions for Parents


Suppliers - Models and Prices



PB Technologies


Harvey Norman


Noel Leeming


A pack containing the attached flyers will be sent home to the parents of students in Year 2, next week. We have provided the information here so all our parents can access the flyers if they wish to.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email