We are looking forward to seeing all our students on Monday 4 February. The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3pm.

Please click here to check out Information for Parents 2019. Note that next Wednesday is a public holiday and school won't be open.

Please click here to view our Mass and Liturgy Timetable for 2019.

Classroom and Teacher Name Changes
We have a couple of classroom and name changes we wish you to be aware of. These changes relate to Middle School classes. Children will be with the same students and teacher, but it may be in a different classroom, or the teacher may prefer to be known by a different surname.

Please note the following.
Year 3 and 4 class with Mrs Katherine Smith will now be in Room 12
Room 14 - Year 3 and 4 class with Mrs Laura Mack
Room 15 - Year 3 and 4 class with Miss Nicole Lovegrove
Year 3 and 4 class with Mr David Bach will now be in Room 16
Year 3 and 4 class with Mrs Kate Keaney will now be in Room 17

Senior School and Year 2's are swimming in the odd numbered weeks of term - so their classes will be swimming next week.
Middle School and Year 1's are swimming in the even numbered weeks of term.
All students are expected to bring their swimming gear every day in the week they have swimming. If your child is unable to swim for some reason could you please provide the class teacher with a note.

Weekly Updates to Families and Sharing of Student Work

Last year we used See-Saw with Year 1, Educa with Year 2 and Class Blogs and Student Learning Journey Blogs with Year 3-6 students. We have decided to roll out Educa to all our students in 2019. Educa is a private online platform and access is by invitation and login.

This year all our students will have digital portfolios. These will be collated through Educa. Digital portfolios allow you to view your child’s learning portfolio, online, at any time. Teachers and students can share photos, videos, stories and reflections with you in real time. Parents can read and respond to posts, upload photos of learning activities they have done with their children, and stay updated on announcements. Other family members who wish to access portfolios can also be invited to have viewing rights. Educa can be accessed through any device that can go online, or via the Educa Touch Apple or Android phone app.

Classroom teachers, instead of using a class blog or See-Saw, will now do their weekly postings to families via the Educa Messageboard. You should receive an invitation to join Educa. This will be sent to the primary caregiver email address we have on file. If you have not received an invitation by the end of next week please let the class teacher know the email address you wish to be used for your invitation.

How to get Started using Educa – for Families

1. Accept your Educa invitation from St Mary's School – (invitation link will be emailed to you in the next week. Parents who had a child in Year 2
last year and were part of Educa will not receive an invitation as they are already set up)

2. View your child’s posts on your computer by clicking this link stmarys.educa.co.nz

3. OR Download Educa Touch APP on your phone/device

· Educa Touch APP (Apple Devices)

· Educa Touch APP (Android Devices)

4. Complete your child's profile and invite extended family onto your child’s portfolio Click here for instructions

5. Once we get underway view and comment posts in your child’s portfolio

· (Android) – Click here for instructions

· (Apple) – Click here for instructions

Student Learning on Educa.

If you wish, you are able to download and print, at home, any learning story added to your child's digital portfolio.

See you soon

Enjoy the last few days of the holidays. Hopefully it won't be too hot for our first week of school.