Played at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre

Everything is supplied by Rotorua Water Polo (Caps, balls, refs)
Change to entry to pool. All teams must go through main entrance. (might pay to arrive a little bit early)
Please note pool is under new management, so there will be some changes.
Entry to pool covers only FlippaBall, not general use of the pool. You must see front counter staff, and pay normal entry fee for swimming etc.
Students that have Spa bands, these can not be worn in Flippaball, they will be removed.

CANCELLED - TUESDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2018 - due to Teacher Strike


Played at Ray Boord Park, Devon Street West (next to the Stadium)

TOUCH T4 2018 Rules Regs.PNG

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Touch Rugby Draw
Wednesday 14/11/2018
Grade Time Field St Mary's Team vs Team
Yr 1/2 MIXED - Pool B 4:30 pm 1b Kakapos vs St Michael's Touch Stars
Yr 1/2 MIXED - Pool C 4:30 pm 1a Pelicans vs Te Pu Ruamata
Yr 1/2 MIXED - Pool C 4:00 pm 2a Wekas vs Selwyn Jets
Yr 1/2 MIXED - Pool D 4:00 pm 5a Tuis vs Otonga Pukekos
Yr 1/2 MIXED - Pool D 4:00 pm 3b Hawks vs RPS Wha
Yr 3/4 BOYS - Pool A 4:30 pm 7 Keas vs Kahaora Kiwis
Yr 3/4 BOYS - Pool B 4:00 pm 9 Huias vs Te More Ruamata
Yr 3/4 MIXED - Pool B 5:00 pm 8 Fantails vs Selwyn Titans
Yr 5/6 MIXED - Pool A 5:30 pm 2 Falcons vs Ngongotaha Seniors
Yr 5/6 MIXED - Pool B 6:00 pm 5 Kiwis vs Glenholme Ihenga
Yr 5/6 MIXED - Pool C 6:00 pm 4 Robins vs Rotokawa Senior Mixed
ROBINS you have two games this week 6:30 pm 5 Robins vs Selwyn Jaguars


Thursday Cricket - Superstars, Super 6's, Incrediball

Thursday afternoons
Please meet at Smallbone Park, Devon Street West @ 3:30pm

Saturday Cricket - Hardball
Saturday 3rd November 2018 - Games start 9am

Cricket pitch layout Puarenga Park.PNG
Cricket T4 2018 DRAW.PNG