Newsletter No 28, 6 September 2017

Kia Ora, Test

Please note we have had issues with preparing and sending the newsletter this week. Our apologies that this newsletter is late being sent.

Hasn’t the week started well, weather wise? The children certainly enjoy getting out in the playground during play and lunchtime and burning off all that energy children seem to have.

This week we welcome back Mary Kusabs. Mary is teaching in Room 13.

Last week we received some exciting news. Harrison Roberts-Brake was awarded the Rotorua Civic Arts Scholarship for achieving the highest Junior marks (94/100) in Rotorua in the recent Trinity College London Speech & Drama examinations. Gargi Vaidya
received the second highest marks (91/100) in the same exam. We are very proud of our two awesome students.

Our PTA held their AGM last Wednesday. Thanks to those who were able to attend. Jan Andrews relinquished the treasurer’s role after being involved with the PTA for nine years. Jan has been an awesome supporter of our school. Thank you Jan. Fingers crossed Jan will still be helping with next year’s Gala.

This Friday we are celebrating Nativity of Mary Mass at 9.00am. We really enjoy having you join us for school Masses. If you have some time we would love to see you. We are also welcoming our new families after Mass.

It is probably a good time to think about organising your child’s summer uniform. Students are to start Term 4 in full summer uniform. Our Uniform Shop is open Mondays (8.30-9.00am), Wednesdays (2.30-3.00pm) & Fridays (8.30-9.00am) during term time. The Warehouse stocks some of our uniform. The girls’ summer dresses are only available from our school uniform shop.
Summer uniform is:
Boys - Grey drill shorts and a royal blue short sleeved polo shirt.
Girls - Blue check dress.
All students need a royal blue sunhat.
Feilding red woollen school jersey
Black sandals for footwear (no socks to be worn with sandals).

Generally our children wear our uniform well. However, I am noticing some of our children are wearing non uniform shoes. Shoes should be black and leather. If your child is not wearing the correct shoes could you please attend to this.

You can also purchase school uniform via our school website. You can order and pay online and pick up your uniform from the school reception after you have been notified by email that the uniform order is available. Hopefully it will be easier for those parents who find it difficult to get to our uniform shop.

An advance notice: We intend having a working bee on the first Saturday after the holidays: Saturday morning 28th October. There are a number of jobs that need to be done: maintenance of the senior playground, replacing rotten boards on our church boundary and swimming pool fence on the church car-park boundary. I would really appreciate your support with this. Children are welcome and we will have a BBQ lunch.

Have a great week.

David Macmillan, Principal.

Birthday - Ra Whanau - Rah-fah-no


Nǐ hǎo,
Last week Mr MacmIllan and I attended the Diocese RE Conference here in Rotorua. This was a great opportunity to hear Bishop Steve and many great speakers talk and also to build the networks with our fellow Catholic Schools. One of the Bishop’s comments was;
“God wants to be known. How much do we want to know God?”.
This was the theme of many of the topics we covered. On Friday we celebrate the Nativity of Mary Mass. The Virgin Mary's Birthday-click to read more. There are only three people whose b have traditionally been celebrated by Christians. Jesus Christ, at Christmas; Saint John the Baptist; and the Blessed Virgin Mary. And we celebrate all three birthdays for the same reason: All three were born without Original Sin. If you can, come and celebrate this day with us on Friday. We will also welcome all new students with a special blessing.


Most Lovable Lady

I love thee, most lovable Lady,
By the love which I bear thee, I promise ever to serve thee, and to do as much as I can, that thou be loved by others also. I put all my hopes in thee,
all my salvation. Receive me as thy servant and cover me with the mantle of thy protection,
thou the Mother of mercy!

Bernadette Hall-DRS

(Please note: For the meantime,
the Church Office will only be open 9am - 2pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).

$3 1/2 dozen
$5 1 dozen
If you want eggs please phone Michelle 0226375800




Uniforms are available in the Warehouse School Uniform Shop, as well as on-line on the School Website.
If an item is not in stock at the Warehouse - please go to customer service and they will order the item for you. Tracey Dunbar is the local contact person.
Please note - some items are only available from school e.g. sports uniforms and pinafores.

SCHOOL ABSENCES If your child is away from school for any reason, please notify our office staff using one of these options :
Phone 3481 701
Link to website:

Change of Address/Contact Phone numbers:
We always appreciate notification if your personal contact details have changed. Please notify the office or email :
The school newsletter is available on Wednesday afternoons. A hard copy is always available from front reception if required - otherwise you will be emailed a copy.

Parents - If you have a Chromebook needing a screen repair, you might find it useful to contact Paul Hintz 021 024 30817.

Extra activities available at school -

Gymnastic classes are available to pupils on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the school hall from 12.30pm to 1.15pm. Please contact Marie Hughes to learn more about this activity. Phone 34566275 (h) or 027 362 5645.

Kapa Haka:
Thursdays at 2pm in the school hall. Any parent is welcome to join us on Thursday afternoons. Check out our blog site!

Pasifika Group:
Pasifika practice every Friday at 11am in Room 15.If you enjoy learning songs and dances of other Pacific cultures come along. Mrs Wallbank is in charge of the Pasifika Group.

ICT Club:
Fridays in Room 4. 12.30 to 1.15pm. For middle/senior students.


Orange Swim School - United Aquatic Sports - Te Arawa
Swimming - a swimming pathway from Learn to Swim, Development to
Performance swimming

email or
phone / text 027-2203470 (Henk)

United Aquatic Sports where we care about swimming


ST MARYS APP - Download now

With Summer Sports ahead, please be sure to amend your settings to include the sport/s your child/ren is/are playing. The summer sports this coming season are, Touch Rugby, Flippaball and Cricket. Once you have downloaded, you will be sure to receive changes and/or cancellations etc....

My focus is primarily on Touch Rugby as this starts Wednesday 20th September. Please also note parents that I am hoping the new touch shirts arrive the week prior to starting touch, however should they not arrive, please ensure your child is in their PE Shirt. The first 2 weeks of Touch is Grading, so it will be fine to wear this. Once we start in Term 4, all touch playing students will be required to wear a touch shirt, as all playing students will require a number on the front and back of their shirts.

Touch Teams have been made up, however they may be tweaked over the next few weeks. I will be putting these up on the website before the end of this week. We will need coaches for some of our teams. If you are avaliable to help or know of someone that can help (perhaps an older student) please let me know. Teams requiring coaches will also be on the SM website.

Summer Sports

Registrations for Summer Sports is due next Friday, most teams are full now so if your registration comes through and the team is full we will waitlist until there enough players to create anther team. You can find the Information and Registration Forms on the St Mary's Website under the Sports Tab.

Please note that this year we have new Touch Tops. A bond will be required when registering for both Touch and Cricket. The cost is $20 per shirt issued. I have also noticed some of the registration forms that have been returned have not paid a bond. Shirts will not be issued until the bond is paid.

Sorry parents, there are just too many shirts NOT being returned.


The draw is on the St Mary's website for Cuattro, Cinco and Seite.

Rotorua Hockey website, click here should you need to know any additional information or for any last minute changes.

Football - DUTY SHIFT this SATURDAY 9th September.

Draw is up on the St Mary's website

St Mary's is on duty this Saturday, 9th September at Puarenga Park. Would be great to see some new faces! So far I have heard from the same people for helping out. Again some fresh faces would be appreciated this Saturday.

Netball - Season is over.


Draws for both Wednesday and Friday are up on the St Mary's Website.

  • Teams that play on Wednesday are now: Cheetahs. Lions, Jaguars, Cougars and Lynx
  • Teams that play on Fridays are now: Panthers, Pumas, Tigers and Leopards.

There have been changes so PLEASE ensure you check the draw.

Please note that students playing miniball CANNOT wear tshirts or thermals under their playing singlets. They can wear a singlet under their playing singlet particularly those that have larger shirts that have been issued.

A Special Mention


Congratulations to Shekinah Maxwell and KJ Waititi who were outstanding players in the Rotorua U11 Girls Football Team this year.

Team Photos

Many thanks to parents who have been sending through the team photos. I have been uploading them as I have received them. Take a look and those teams who have team photos missing please snap away so we can see them standing proud in their St Mary's Sports Uniforms. We will also use many of them for the end of year - Yearbook.

Coaches/Parents please take some team photos for the website and the year book. You can email them to me with the team name: We also have a St Mary's Facebook page, so feel free to tag your photos to our page.

Zippered Sports Hoodies for sale :


Zip sports hoodies for team sports and school events :
$40 for jersey, $5 extra for name on back of jersey (optional).
On sale in school office on Monday mornings.
Sample sizes to try.
Further information please contact Shanelle 02102657995 (or call at Room 2 where she is a teacher aide).


1-16th September Shrek the Musical! All kid cast!

Some of our St Mary's Students are involved and have been rehearsing for weeks.

Harrison Roberts, Zach Hall, Kyle Hall.

Chelsea Winters is coming .... EAT


Term 1: 1 February to 13 April
Term 2: 1 May to 7 July
Term 3: 24 July to 29 September
Term 4: 16 October to 15 December